Peanuts are popping up in chemistry classrooms

The panic ran through me as I slowly turned in my seat. My Chemistry teacher had just asked if anyone had an allergy, and it seemed like all eyes were on me, but why? It’s not like they knew.

I mentally scanned every person within range until one name caught my attention: Jacobin2206! His face brightened up when he noticed my turn towards him too – what was this guy doing here anyway? The rest of the class shifted uncomfortably around us while we waited anxiously for his response- “Nope.” He pronounced quickly before disappearing behind somebody else who happened upon a glance at be passing by our desks.

I’d been friends with Jake online for almost five years but never dared to meet him in person. His previous profile pictures were a little incriminating. However, a quick Google search revealed nothing about the honest Jake except his general location & age, nothing else. I’m not naïve enough to believe that this meant he didn’t have a past, though; quite the contrary.

I put up my hand to ask a question, but the first thing that came into mind was how this would affect our discussion. It made sense when they said we were going to experiment using nuts and not a shock at all because, after 15 years of being allergic, I’ve come accustomed to it just living in New York City forever changes you! There’s nothing left for me anymore – even if someone hands feed squirrels ice cream or walks their dog while carrying tortoises on leashes it doesn’t phase me anymore since everything has become part of normality now.

My teacher agreed that the two people in my class who were allergic to peanuts and tree nuts wouldn’t have done any lab work. Just like I thought, it was canceled because we’re not eating those kinds of stuff anyway! The boy with me can take his friend’s results from last year; he’ll figure out how they did by studying together over Skype or something like technology nowadays.

My science teacher finally came up with an answer after trying hard during our meeting today – she said there would be no need for us three students (including myself)to participate in the project at all because of our conditions. We would have to be working on something else instead so the class won’t miss out, like giving up playing games for a week?

It’s not like I’m honest or anything – well, that’s not true, but come on, it’s not like I’d deny this fact either. I got my privacy to think about, too, before anyone else does.

 It wasn’t even my choice in the first place to make me ‘Jacobin2206’ online; it was forced upon me by circumstances beyond my control. What matters is that I’ve learned how to manage myself properly over the years despite everything-I know how far I can venture without slipping up.

I will write about what happens on the day because it will be more complicated than just heading over to our local library. The entire classroom might become contaminated with my deathly allergic reaction, but like always, I shall figure out how and handle things for fear never panics us all into believing there’s no solution at hand when one does exist after all! As soon as class starts up again, tomorrow-I’m liable (and very excited) to leap across tables inviting everyone around here to meet each other officially, finally meet new faces, greets old friend greets one last time. It’s part of my master plan for this year to meet new people and make lasting impressions (and friends)for the better.

I will not let the peanut gallery stop me from moving on ahead with my goals-no more being passive-aggressive or coming up with reasons to get out of things just because I’m shy. That’s how I became this big mess in the first place! Time for working on finding a way to bring it all back together to make this year worth looking forward to.

The class is over, but I am waiting outside and waiting for you. If you are reading this online, perhaps we already know each other? It seems like you’d rather walk past everyone else without even noticing they’re here. Ughh, I wish people would stop ignoring my existence already – if anything, it’ll be easier for both of us if you did ignore me and pretend like nothing was going on at all.
If you’re too nervous about coming up and saying something, here’s an idea: let me lead the way. I’ll go over first glance; it’ll be quick; we can even exchange seats if that makes things easier for both of us? If not, this is my goodbye, at least until next year comes around again unless we run into each other someplace else. Goodnight – or whatever time it might be right now, wherever you are.
Crap, seriously, what is taking him so long? He has been out there for 10 minutes already, and he’s still standing there staring off into space. I thought I told him to hurry up and leave before anyone noticed he was gone.
The teacher will be mad at me for being late – I better hurry up and talk to her before she suspends me from school. It was a long trip here, but I still think it was worth it. After all, this is my graduation checkup-the last one of my entire life.
 I’m shaking. I can hardly type this down. But that’s enough about me, though. Let’s talk about you instead because chances are, and we’re both waiting for each other right now. What matters is that you’re the one who gets to decide how this goes down-I’m not going to tell you what to do, but maybe it’ll help if I tell you my story?
Hey, guess what. I got accepted into the university nearby here too. If I didn’t make it in time for orientation, I would have had no choice but to go by myself. It feels like it took forever, even though it was only a week or so ago since I last saw everyone again. Afterward, things just happened all at once, and soon enough, we were already heading over this way. I’m happy I got to go with them too-if. It wasn’t for them walking alongside me, and then I don’t think I would have made it here at all. Now that we’re finally here, there’s only one more thing that’s left to do before everything starts up again.
We can still be strangers if you want to, but you might regret not saying hello sooner than later, so why even hesitate? It doesn’t matter who was supposed to start first- the point is that neither of us did. Let’s go on ahead and talk about some random things before heading inside, okay? Once we get in line for the orientation tour, there’ll be no turning back until the day is done, which means we’d better make the most of this time to ourselves, right?
No matter where we go tomorrow and what we do, know that I will be spending it with you-I can’t think of anyone else who would want to spend their birthday alone inside a stuffy room. The orientation tour won’t last for too much longer anyway, so let’s see if we can get there faster than usual.
Conclusion paragraph: While it may seem like peanuts are only found in the lunchroom, peanut chemistry is now infiltrating our classrooms. This new field of study has finally given us a way to determine how molecules move around and interact with other compounds. And while this knowledge will be invaluable for scientists, students can also use these concepts to understand more about their bodies.

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