Guidelines to Catch Peanut-Free Bakeries That’ll Make, Yum

There is always the risk of contamination via cross-contamination from surfaces used in both recipes and facilities handling these products like bakeries, making it essential to try finding an allergen-free bakery when possible for those who suffer this condition. I’ve done my research on how you can reduce or eliminate contact between allergens–including wheat (which causes gluten intolerance), soybeans/tofu skins (when fried up as tempura), eggs, etcetera. Find a bakery that will meet your needs (and taste scrumptious).

1. First, get the names of bakeries in your area by looking online for reviews written by parents with children who are allergic to peanuts. This is very important because it’s not just about avoiding peanuts but also tracking down they are worth trying out. You can check this blog for reviews on bakeries I’ve tried throughout the US.

2. If you are lucky, there may be a dedicated peanut-free bakery in your town or city. If not, call the nearest bakery and ask if they have any items without peanuts or tree nuts on their menu. Many bakeries now offer gluten-free and dairy-free items, so it’s worth asking.

3. Bring a list of safe foods with you when you go to the bakery.

 4. Be prepared to ask lots of questions about how the food is made and where it comes from. There’s nothing like a great sandwich on homemade bread to make your day special. If you’re looking for something more, though – maybe some peanut butter chocolate chip cookies or pumpkin spice cupcakes? Some bakeries don’t use any ingredients with the word “peanut.”

Delicious food without having allergies cause problems. One popular source is Peanuts Free Planet, which sells online and at retail stores nationwide, while Divvies also lists all available products regardless of whether they ship internationally. So whether you’re out to eat at a restaurant, craving something sweet, or buying food for an event, there’s always a safe and tasty option available! The best way to ensure that baked goods are peanut-free is to make them yourself. Many recipes are available online, and most grocery stores carry all the ingredients you need. If you’re allergic to peanuts and enjoy baking, it is possible for your treats not to be contaminated by the dreaded legume. With all-purpose flour and chocolate chips that are free of this protein source, there will never again have been a time when one bite made me itch or broke out in hives. If you’re looking to bake up a storm and take your mind off of things, look no further- I provide the perfect recipe below.

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